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Our story

London & Scottish Investment Partners are a Scottish-based angel group supported by investors from London and Scotland.  Our aim is to add expertise, experience and money, alongside hands-on management support and a fresh strategic business plan.  This creates a compelling growth and value accelerator for SMEs - taking them to the next level.

LSIP are members of the LINC, the Scottish Angel Network.


What we offer

  1. Successful Investors 

  2.  Management support teams

  3.  Growth strategies

  4.  Global market connections

Meet the group

Scott Carnegie

A member of the nstute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland.  Scott sits on many boards in both an Executive and Non-Executive capacity.  He has extensive experience across a broad range of sectors, with a strong background in buying and selling companies, restructuring and corporate finance. 

Well-known in the Scottish investment community, he is Founder and Chairman of Angel Group Discovery Investment Fund. 

Glenn Carnegie
Business Manager

Glenn is the first point of contact for our clients, assisting Scott with the daily operations.


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